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MINC provides the expertise to help your projects succeed. We are devoted to helping both private and public institutions with high quality and cost-efficient processes for resource management. This includes capacity development, project management, relationship management and team building.


We specialize in offering the best business strategy and support services to companies who want to achieve set goals. We work with companies that have proven success, guide them through the process of new product and service design, effective sales strategy and entering new markets. We assist with major corporate transitions with the most upside possible. Our focus is on people, processes and long term growth strategy.


Our dedicated team of designers deliver world-class technology and business systems to propel your operations. Our services allow you to focus on core strengths of your business so you can improve business performance and increase profits. We audit to improve internal systems, evaluate bottlenecks, and assess the quality of information that you use every day to make business decisions.

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